Meet the 10 Seconds Team


Daniel Bizzell

CEO & President HBi Collective

The Industrial Design Guy and visionary of our next generation products and business.

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Julie Huffman

Sr. Vice President

35 years of taking care of the important stuff with the HBi Team at Plant #3.

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Service & Communications

Charles Clark

Retail Accounts Lead

Our humble and effervescent product know-it-all. Reach out to Charles for a brand line review specialized to your company.

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Tammy Carpenter

Accounts & Processing

The white gloves that monitors the team and process for your Online Wholesale and Direct To Consumer orders.

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Patty Simms

Customer Service Liaison

Providing kindness and high quality service for all of our customers.

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Esther Lor

Plant Foreman

Utilizing years of production expertise to keep lead times low, communication high, our employees safe, and our customers happy.

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Grace Roseman

Supply Chain & Purchasing Lead

Keeping us stocked up to fulfill your orders faster. And our specialist of all things Taylor Swift.

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Lindsey Geddings

OEM & Online Product Manager

Key to modernizing our efforts and growth in both our OEM portfolio and Omni-Channel opportunities with our digital retail and industrial partners.

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Rhonda Tankersley


Our friendly Bounty Hunter and avid runner who will track you down, just to remind you that you over payed on your last invoice. Because all of our customers pay on-time.

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Cheryl Setzer

Accounting & Inventory Control

Self-professed Queen of the Accounting Department... surviving between the German and the Brain (aka Toby and Rhonda).

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Marketing, Talent, & Recruitment

Mary Heindl

Talent Recruitment & Corporate Communications

Helping us build our next generation team, culture and product efficacy.

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Kendal Coffey

Graphic Design & Content Creation

Showing the world the benefits and new features of our products through image and graphic content.

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Production Team

Diane Eaton

Packaging Department Supervisor

Boss Lady and our honorary first Employee of the Year for her outstanding leadership and utmost dedication to her team and the company.

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Anita Picklesimer

Shipping Manager

Anita ensures all of your product is shipped out on time and handled with care.

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Cliff Coffey

Distribution Center & Weaving Manager

A man of many hats, handling our yarn purchasing, recycling, and logistics for Hickory Brands, and of course our weaving department. Cliff brings his lifelong knowledge of the textile industry to our ever expanding team.

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Damir Softic

Facilities Maintenance Manager & Machinist

The man MacGyver strived to be. He keeps our original machinery moving and builds new ones to produce our future innovations.

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BJ Ward

Braiding Department Supervisor

Our resident expert of adorable Pitbulls (and braiding, of course). BJ manages the largest department in our Plant #3 facility with great care and long time expertise.

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Dawn Arnett

Hangtag Department Supervisor

Dawn ensures our legacy hangtag products receive the white glove treatment.

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Intern Alumni

Ricky Hardson

HBi - American Legacy® Sales & Key Accounts Intern Alum

Our brand and product representation for the 1923 American Legacy® Brand.

Preston Joseph

HBi - 10 Seconds® Sales & Key Accounts Intern Alum

Our Man for building opportunities with consumer retail and team products.

Emily Snyder

Social Media & Content Creation - Janie Brand® Intern Alum

Our hip and in-the-know intern from Chapel Hill.

Dulcemaria Coronado-Sanchez

Social Media & Marketing Intern Alum

Sparking interest in our collective brands through social media content with fun and flair.

Victor Cascon

European Businesses Development & Team Sales Intern Alum

Key contact and outreach for our growing international business.

Brooke Lawrence

Social Media & Marketing Intern Alum

Bringing a fresh perspective and marketing know-how to social media content.

Gabe Morgan

Industrial Design Intern Alum

Pioneering innovative products through creative exploration within industrial design.

Valeria Calcamo Alonzo

Social Media & Marketing Intern Alum

Bringing our collective brands to life through social media content with her photography skills and fashion know-how.

Nanette Nikolajsen

Business Development, 2WiN Intern Alum

Our in-house NCAA National Triathlete Champion is bringing her performance apparel knowledge to help launch 2WiN to the finish line.

Juan Basabe

Marketing & Collaboratives Intern Alum

Digging into trends and our company heritage with the HBi Marketing Team to spread brand awareness through social media campaigns and our 100 Days to 100 Years Countdown