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2WIN® Women's Trifecta Suit

2WIN® Women's Trifecta Suit

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 The 2WIN™ Trifecta Suit is designed and built to improve all three disciplines of your triathlon and multi-sport competition.  

Designed with moisture-wicking textiles, as well as sun protection in the fabric. Therefore, the suit will transport sweat away from the body and increase the skin’s breathability, while protecting the skin from the sun.

The body of the Trifecta™ suit is equipped with Micro-dimpled fabric, which allows the core to trap air in the water while also allowing for better airflow on land and better buoyancy and hydrodynamics in the water. Of course, the suit is also equipped with a tri-specific Chamois that is sweat transporting, with ventilation channels so you can move comfortably throughout the entire race, bike, and run.   

Our Trifecta™ sleeves are constructed of a Hexalon™ speed fabric, which reduces attachment for better aerodynamics and airflow around the arm and shoulder during cycling, as well as compression during the entire race.  

The lower half of the suit is made of true hydrophilic and hydrophobic fabric, which makes you faster both in the water and on the bike. In addition, the legs are equipped with a wide band that both provides high-quality compression with less binding while keeping the legs from sliding up during the race. 

At the back of the suit, we have designed vertical pockets that reduce drag in the water and give you easy access to energy and nutrition during the race. 

To keep you as safe and visible as possible on course, the suit is also equipped with Reflexall® reflective technology on both the back, arms, legs, and chest, so you can be seen in low light conditions.


Shipping Summer 2023!


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